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Hey everyone I found this video on YouTube. It really just… well to put it bluntly…it pisses me off. I hate ignorant people! They are aggravating this poor cat and they find it funny! You know, I really do hate people like this, you know the ones, the type that will leave food on a cabin balcony and when it attracts cubs,they mess with the cubs and then a mama bear gets put down because of someone eles ignorance,or how about the ones who want to tease an animal(like in this video) until the animal cant take it any more. Everyone needs to realize that so many animals die because of this crap, of course then there are the ones that let their kids loose in the pet stores and the kid is either pecking on every fish aquarium, every hamster or even snake cage, sticking his fingers in the birds cage, or scaring the poor dog or rabbit who is just sitting there, the kid, who makes you sit there and think, “why hasn’t somone busted his ass already!”,or “God, would someone put a leash on him!” Also, think of all the workers who have to bottle feed these poor babies since their mom got to be put down just for defending them. Now, no one gets hurt in this video, but listen to the loud mouth kid(s) AND his parents! How in ANY WAY is this funny! You are tormenting an animal. People like this need to learn respect. They wouldn’t want anyone treating them or their children like this so why should the animal be treated like that. I think there needs to be stricter laws for people that do this, in my eyes this is a form of animal cruelty caught on tape. If everyone could re-post this so people can see how wrong this is, I firmly believe we need to stand up for animals since they can’t. No, I am not saying let’s go free a bunch of extoic animals into the wild like crazy activist do. I am simple saying we need to voice our opinions on this matter. If you can see the wrong doing on this family, write it under comments on youtube. Let’s not take this crap any more.
Thanks for listening.
Crystal Churchill




Isis 025
This is a picture of MY OWN Canadian Lynx, Isis. These cats are actually affectionate if you take the time and show them love and respect. Feel free to visit me on myspace here to see more pics of Isis and our family. http://www.myspace.com/Rinamom393


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Considering this is the first post on my blog, I would like to say Thank You! My goal for this site is to bring you the information you need. Some of the sections I will be adding are; Cooking, Fitness/Music, Movie Review, Coupon Deals, Money Makers, Homeschooling, and My Journal. Here is a brief description of each.

Cooking: Each week you will find a new recipe for a Appetizer, an Entree, Beverages, and a Dessert.

Fitness/Music: I plan to post a new playlist each week to workout to, I will also post which exercise will work best with each playlist. Also will be posting some exercise tips and tricks.

Movie Reviews: My family and I watch a lot of movies, we have quite a collection. Each week we probably watch 1-3 movies, so I figured I would just post what I think of that movie on here.

Coupon Deals: Everyone wants to find a good deal. I will be posting freebie items, places to get coupons, and sites that teach you how to save money.

Money Makers: I will post sites that I work with that you can make legitimate money at.

Homeschooling: I am homeschooling my daughter, Marina. Each week I will post out lesson plan on here. Also I will navigate you to some really awesome free homeschool sites that deserve a lot of credit.

My Journal: Just a way for everyone to get to know me each week.

Well, I hope everyone will enjoy my site, become followers, and be patient as I get this up and running.

Love Always,

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