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Just adding a little post for Mindy Hall(no I personally don’t know her, so don’t ask). She made a bulletin on Myspace asking everyone to get the word out and since I love Mindy and feel she should have been Bret’s rock-o-love, I am doing this for her. It is going to be in the Rock Thiz magazine Issue #2. So everyone check it out…and let’s all pray her and Bret are magically together now.


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This is the fitness and music section for the week. Below you will find an exercise tip as well as a few songs that I feel are great to work out to. Now, I don’t actually put the songs in any order(because I feel everyone works out at a different rate), they are simply here to put an idea into your head as to say, “HEY that would be cool to have on my ipod!”
Interval Training Slims You Faster:
If you incorporate quick bouts of vigorous exercise or activities your body can speed up weight loss and cut your workouts in half the time or more. It is said in Prevention magazine that Australian researches found that women who alternate just 8 seconds of high intensity exercise with 12 seconds of low intensity exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week, slimmed down faster that steady-paced exercisers, who worked out twice as long.
Here is one of the calorie burners that was in that issue of Prevention.
12-minute Calorie Burner:
0:00 Warm up by going at an easy pace.
2:00 Increase your speed, incline or resistance so your pushing yourself really hard.
2:20 Ease up and decrease your speed, incline or resistance so you are going at a comfortable moderate pace.
3:00 Increase your speed, incline or resistance again and push yourself.
3:20 Ease up.
4:00 Alternate 20-seconds of pushing yourself and then 40-seconds taking it easy intervals 7 more times.
11:00 Cool down by going at an easy rate.
12:00 Finish
* As with anything check with your doctor before starting any exercise regiment.

Mama Mia: ABBA

The Sweet Escape: Gwen Stefani ft. Akon

Always Something There To Remind Me: Naked Eyes

Another Race: Eiefel 65

Anything But Ordinary: Avril Lavigne

Baba O’Riley: The Who

As Long As You Love Me: Backstreet Boys

Back Here: BBMak

Beat It: Micheal Jackson

Beethoven’s 5th: TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) *Trust me it’s good!

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